About Rowan Ramsey MP, Federal Member for Grey SA

Rowan Ramsey MP, Federal Member for Grey SA
Rowan Ramsey MP,
Federal Member for Grey SA
I have been privileged in the past to be involved in the rural sector as a farmer. Modern agriculture is a dynamic industry and to survive farmers have had to embrace innovation and huge technological changes. A heavy involvement in community organisations and working for the common-good has given me a depth of knowledge and understanding of needs of regional and rural communities.

I have had leadership roles in Apex, hospital boards, football and other sporting organisations, CFS and the agricultural research community.

It is of deep interest to me to seek other’s point of view, so I can best represent the whole electorate and to know as much about an issue as possible to ensure I have a balanced view.

I believe in the Liberal Party ideal, “that those who can, should take charge of their lives”, and many of the reforms of the last decade were designed to do just this. While this is a strongly held view, I am also dedicated to ensuring good public options for those who cannot take this path. I am an advocate for an increasing improvement in the quality of life of carers and especially those who do not have the option to take care of themselves.

Rowan and Teresa with their three children
Rowan and Teresa with their three children
I am married to Teresa, a teacher, and have three children who are now young adults. I enjoy a wonderful relationship with my children and know how important a stable family life is in their development. Families are the building blocks of our nation and it is our responsibility as parliamentarians to do all we can to support them. My three children have chosen professions in the science field, a chemical engineer, research scientist and the youngest recently graduated as a civil engineer. I have a deep interest in science and innovation and believe we need to promote a smart country. We cannot compete in industries requiring cheap labour, but we can be world leaders in technology and innovation.
I have a strong interest in music, having been part of a rock and roll band in my younger years, I have a pilot’s licence, enjoy time spent with friends and love getting out on the water for a day’s fishing.

Australia is a stable, mature and wealthy democracy and it has a role far beyond what one might expect from a country of this size. As well as having an ethical obligation to improve the economy of developing countries, it is in our best interest as a nation, as conflict is often the bedfellow of poverty.

It is my privilege to represent one of the most diverse and largest electorates in the nation. An electorate with economic pursuits including industrial, rural, mining and aquaculture and with a rich cultural and physical landscape. Our prosperity will be dependant upon good infrastructure and a skilled workforce all the while displaying sensitivity to the environment to ensure we pass on a good legacy to our children.

High employment equals a healthy nation and while we have been increasingly successful in this direction in the past decade, some sections of our society are struggling to find meaningful engagement. Having a job is one of the singular most important factors in determining life outcomes and it is of utmost importance that the long-term unemployed and indigenous participate. High employment results from encouraging the business sector to take on workers and risks and we must be mindful of this in formulating policies.

We have the task as politicians of identifying injustices and take the opportunities for progress in our society. It is an exciting time to be in politics and I take the privilege with great responsibility.

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