Entries for October 2017


Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (13:54): Diabetes Australia is 60 years old, and last week in the Great Hall in this place we held a 60th birthday celebration. Diabetes Australia is a wonderful organisation with wonderful partners like the Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation a... ... more

PMB White Ribbon Day

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (10:41): I swear never to commit, excuse or remain silent about violence against women. This is my oath. In 2014 I took this oath when I became a White Ribbon ambassador, as part of my strong belief that women should live in safety and free from a... ... more

Adjournment Energy

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (16:35): Sometimes you know when you've come into the right place and it's your place in time—when all your little ducks line up, if you like. And so it is with the National Energy Guarantee. I've been in this place since the 2007 election. It wou... ... more

MPI Poverty and Inequality

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (15:45): I thank the member for Jagajaga for bringing this subject matter to the House's attention today: poverty and inequality. It brings me to question some of the driving motives of those of us who are brought to this place, and the difference... ... more

90 sec Anzac Day Schools Award Crystal Brook

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (13:41): I'm very pleased to take this opportunity to congratulate the Crystal Book Primary School on winning two prizes in the 2017 Anzac Day Schools' Awards. The school has displayed great initiative and creativity in the way it commemorates Anz... ... more

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