CO2 Reductions

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (17:37): I rise to speak after that complete rewriting of history. This week the coalition announced its policy of CO2 reductions going forward to 2030. I thought it might be of benefit to the House to give a precis of my recent trip to Germany during the winter recess—a private tri... ... more

Don Randall Condolence

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (16:41): This is a difficult day for all of us, right across this parliament, as we say goodbye to the great friend we had in Don Randall. I was part of the 'crew of 2007', as I think the Minister for Social Security referred to us earlier. There were only seven of us, I think, that... ... more


Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (13:41): Last week in Ceduna, in the west of my electorate, we came to a very special place in time where the white community and the Indigenous community sat down together and signed a memorandum of understanding for the introduction of what Twiggy Forrest called the 'healthy welfa... ... more

Tax Amendment

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (16:13): I rise to speak on the Tax Laws Amendment (Small Business Measures No. 3) Bill 2015, the third of four bills associated with great measures the government introduced in the last budget. I start on a bit of a sour note. I do not like to talk down my electorate, but there was... ... more


Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (18:08): The First World War broke out on 4 August 1914. It coincides with my birthday, as it so happens, but since I came along afterwards I do not think that I will take the blame for it! Thousands of young Australians volunteered and were dispatched to Cairo, awaiting deployment.... ... more

Renewable Energy

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (13:47): Two weeks ago we had the very regrettable if not totally surprising news from Alinta that they were closing the Port Augusta Flinders power stations. While I will not go into the whys and wherefores of why this has come about, it is a plain case of gover... ... more

Social Services Legislation Amendment (Youth Employment and Other Measures) Bill 2015

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (16:33): The amendments in the Social Services Legislation Amendment (Youth Employment and Other Measures) Bill 2015 are obviously aimed at the issues around youth unemployment in Australia. Unemployment is an absolute tragedy, particularly long-term unemployme... ... more

Anti Dumping Customs Amendment (Anti-dumping Measures) Bill (No. 1) 2015, Customs Tariff (Anti-Dumping) Amendment Bill 2015

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (17:02): I thank the member for Bendigo for her motion. Some of the issues she raises are real issues and we should all listen to them, but there are a few things I will point out. I want to spend most of my time talking about anti-dumping as averse to inferior p... ... more

Appropriations Bill

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (18:32): I thank the minister for his words. He would be well aware that the electorate of Grey, covering 92 per cent of South Australia, has many spokes to its wheels, including steelmaking, lead-zinc smelting and a large mining sector. We still—at least for a... ... more

Appropriations Bill

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (19:47): My question is to the Minister for Industry and Science. Minister, the news last week that Alinta was closing its Flinders power stations—both Playford and Northern, maybe by March next year and certainly by March 2018—has sent shock waves through the ... ... more

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