Customs Amendment

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (16:47): I rise to speak on the Customs Amendment (Japan-Australia Economic Partnership Agreement Implementation) Bill 2014, commonly called the Japanese free trade agreement. The Prime Minister said on election night back in September 2013 that Australia was 'open for business'—and... ... more

ABC Port Augusta

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (13:46): Yesterday I spoke in the Federation Chamber about the ABC closing down Port Augusta and its withdrawal of service from South Australia. I am transfixed to sit here today—because I spoke about the cuts to the ABC—and listen to speaker after speaker on that side of the chambe... ... more

Port Augusta ABC closure

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (16:41): Today Mark Scott of the ABC chose to take the low-hanging fruit instead of making the tough decisions with the ABC, in my opinion, by closing the production studios in Adelaide and winding down remaining production in other smaller states and by closing five regional news c... ... more

Australian National University

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (10:06): Equities are traded every day of the week. It is the right and proper thing to happen. Institutions do not normally make grand statements as to what equities they have bought and sold. However, if they do, we can only assume they are making some kind of ... ... more

Australian Education Amendment Bill 2014

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (12:41): I rise to speak on the Australian Education Amendment Bill 2014 and in particular will be focusing on the measures to support boarding schools for Indigenous students. I am the member for all of South Australia's remote Indigenous schools: on the APY L... ... more

National School Chaplaincy Program

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (21:05): I have been receiving a steady stream of inquiries and requests from the 57 schools and supporters of schools in my electorate that have been using the school chaplaincy program in one form or the other. It is a tribute to the state Labor government's misinformation stream,... ... more

Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment Bill

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (10:03): I rise to speak on the Higher Education and Research Reform Amendment Bill 2014. We can all identify with the story of the old farm axe: it is as good as new—it has just had six handles and two new heads in its life. I come off a farm and I have seen a lot of axes in my tim... ... more

Grievance Debate- Coastal Shipping Act

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (19:42): A little over two years ago in this place we were debating changes put forward by the previous Labor government to the coastal shipping act. I gave a speech at the time in which I raised a number of issues that I feared would lead to a loss of Australian competitiveness and... ... more

Defence Legislation Amendment- Woomera Prohibited Area

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (11:28): I thank the member for Brand for his comments and welcome the fact that this bill, the Defence Legislation Amendment (Woomera Prohibited Area) Bill 2014, has bipartisanship support. I would suggest that perhaps the member for Brand might read Senator Fawcett's speech on the... ... more

Port Pirie Men's Shed Statements by Members

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (16:19): Over the last few months I have visited a number of men's sheds. In May, I had the honour of opening the Uniting Care Wesley's new facility at Port Pirie—and a wonderful set-up it is, with a new kitchen, conference room, computer and internet room and two workshops, includi... ... more

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