Rural health

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (17:20): I rise to speak on the Health Insurance Amendment (National Rural Health Commissioner) Bill 2017. I must say I am very pleased with this legislation, because with an electorate like Grey, which is an area a bit bigger than New South Wal... ... more


Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (16:45): I rise today to speak on the importance of diabetes awareness in Australia. Currently 1.7 million Australians are living with diabetes, a figure which is set to increase to 3½ million in two decades. While we are proud in Australia that w... ... more

18C Human Rights

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (16:30): There has been much debate regarding the Racial Discrimination Act in Australia, particularly section 18C, and we have all become increasingly familiar with 18C, which creates an offence of saying anything which is reasonably likely to ... ... more

Matthew Flinders and Trim's Statue Port Lincoln

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (13:43): A new statue of Matthew Flinders has been unveiled in Port Lincoln. Flinders took three journeys to the Southern Ocean between 1791 and 1810 from his native England. He was only 28 when he completed the circumnavigation of Australia and w... ... more

National Stronger Regions Fund

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (12:43): Madam Deputy Speaker Vamvakinou, I commend my good friend the member for Forrest on this motion and I am sure we will have your indulgence in speaking more about South Australia than perhaps Western Australia. The National Stronger Region... ... more

Nonning Outback Ball

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (19:45): On the weekend I had the pleasure of attending the Nonning Outback Ball, staged by the Gawler Ranges Progress Association. The Gawler Ranges are a stunning range featuring spectacular granite outcrops, permanent waterholes, sometimes with... ... more

Higher Education

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (10:49): It is a pleasure to rise on this motion from the member for Sydney on higher education. It is interesting to listen to the member for Richmond speaking about Labor's vision for higher education and education generally. Labor's record in o... ... more

National Disability Insurance Scheme

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (16:49): I rise to speak on the National Disability Insurance Scheme Savings Fund Special Account Bill 2016. This bill legislates for the establishment of a savings fund to allow the government of the day to properly manage what will be the bigg... ... more

Tarcoola Rail

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (10:46): I rise today to give the House an update on the government's commitment to invest in the Adelaide-Tarcoola rail project, which falls within my electorate of Grey. As members are probably aware, it was only in April last year that Whyalla'... ... more

MPI Energy Three Minute Statement

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (15:46): It gives me no pleasure at all to stand here today and proclaim myself as a modern-day Cassandra, but I can say, 'I told you so.' I have been saying for quite some time—in fact, for over four years; I have checked my records—what would ha... ... more

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