Disability Speech

Rowan Ramsey I rise to address the Disability Discrimination and Other Human Rights Legislation Amendment Bill 2008. Disability is not a lifestyle choice. It is not something that someone decides to do. It is indiscriminate. Disability can be visited upon any one of us, and even though people may n... ... more

Financial Crisis

Rowan Ramsey The financial crisis which is sweeping the world is of great concern to all of us. We are in unprecedented times. Not since the 1930s have we seen the kind of meltdown in global markets that we have seen in the last six months. However, many of these changes were largely telegraphed. ... ... more

Economy- Ministerial Statement

I rise to my feet a little less prepared than I would normally be to speak on this issue, as I am waiting for my colleague to appear. The financial crisis which is sweeping the world is of great concern to all of us. We are in unprecedented times. Not since the 1930s have we seen the kind of meltdow... ... more

Banks Freeze- questions without notice

Rowan Ramsey My question is to the Treasurer. Having caused a freezing of funds in non-bank financial institutions by its action in guaranteeing bank deposits, what is the government planning to do when on 30 November GE Finance ceases to operate in Australia, leaving Bob Moulton and the partners ... ... more

Andamooka November 25, 2008

I rise today to share with you something of the history of the town of Andamooka and the plight that it faces at the moment. Andamooka has a rich opal-mining history and has been a producer of some of Australia’s best opals for the best part of a hundred years. But it is currently under incredible s... ... more

Aged Care Amendment November 25, 2008

I rise to address the Aged Care Amendment (2008 Measures No. 2) Bill 2008. Investment in the aged-care industry is becoming more tenuous by the day, particularly in a vast regional and rural electorate such as my seat of Grey. I have at least 50 registered aged-care facilities in my electorate. It i... ... more

Rural and Regional Australia Adjournment Debate november 11, 2008

In following the member for Brand in this debate, I am pleased to tell him that he should observe his home town of Whyalla—where the goodly residents of Grey have called upon a Liberal to represent them. I am sure he would be pleased with that result. It is appropriate that 12 months after Kevin Rud... ... more

Higher Education October 22, 2008

I would like to take the opportunity this evening to highlight some of the difficulties faced by students in rural areas trying to access tertiary education. For many this means making some of the great decisions of life, such as: leaving home for the first time; having to engineer a new social grou... ... more

Medicare Levy 13 October 2008

TAX LAWS AMENDMENT (MEDICARE LEVY SURCHARGE THRESHOLDS) BILL (NO. 2) 2008 Second Reading Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (7.44 p.m.)—I am addressing the Tax Laws Amendment (Medicare Levy Surcharge Thresholds) Bill (No. 2) 2008, the bill to raise the Medicare levy surcharge thresholds. The state healthcare system i... ... more

Fuel Prices 13 October 2008

I take this opportunity to inform the House of the absolute malfunction of fuel pricing in regional South Australia and, in particular, the regional city of Whyalla, and the apparent impotency or complete lack of concern shown by the ACCC. Over the last three months, petrol in Whyalla has been as mu... ... more

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