Mining in South Australia

Mr Deputy Speaker, I have a grievance. South Australia has for many years been the cinderella state when it comes to the mining industry. Much of the early infrastructure of the state was based on the super-rich copper mines of Burra and Moonta. Iron ore was first mined at Iron Knob during the last ... ... more

Renewable Energy May 26 House Debate

Rowan Ramsey I rise to address the Renewable Energy (Electricity) Amendment Bill 2010 and related bills. I feel a bit like a school student as I stand here and say to the government: ‘We told you so.’ We warned the government at the time the RET legislation was introduced into the House last August ... ... more

ETS Farming for the Future

Rowan Ramsey May 12 2010 Main Committee I am pleased to speak on the Farming the future report. I am drawn to the comments of the member for Moreton. I would consider, even though he might publicly bemoan the lack of passing of the ETS, that privately his opinions might not be quite the same, given ... ... more

Radio-active waste

I rise to speak on the National Radioactive Waste Management Bill 2010. The history of the national low- and medium-level waste repository in Australia is the history of a political stampede to the moral low ground—led, it must be said, by various components of the Australian Labor Party. The long-t... ... more

Youth Allowance

I have only been a member of this House for a little over two years. There are many weeks when I go home from Canberra and wonder what on earth we can achieve from opposition, but this turnaround in the last 48 hours from the minister is a great achievement from opposition and a reward for hanging t... ... more

Health Insurance Amendment (Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation)

Rowan Ramsey February 23 Before I speak on the Health Insurance Amendment (Diagnostic Imaging Accreditation) Bill 2009 I would like to draw attention to the member for Shortland’s seeming preoccupation with the member for O’Connor. I just hope that it is purely platonic. While she is dwelling on th... ... more


I rise to inform the House that the 2009-10 harvest in South Australia has been one of the best for many years. Following years of drought, it has come as a welcome relief and it will allow most farms to restore some balance to their operations to start the new season. It is expected that the total ... ... more

Appropriation Bill MRI BER Green Loans Broken Promises

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (10.18 am)—I rise to speak to Appropriation Bill (No. 3) 2009-2010 and Appropriation Bill (No. 4) 2009-2010 I am reminded of the delivery of the budget back in May, when I went to a briefing by KPMG after the event and they were giving their assessment of the budget. At the briefing... ... more

Green Loans Speech February 8, 2010

I take this short opportunity today to bring to the attention of the House contact with some of my constituents in relation to the Green Loans Program. I quote from a letter from Warren Lane: Dear Mr Ramsey, I was recently contacted by your office in regards to passing on my contact details to some ... ... more


This Carbon Pollution Reduction Scheme Bill 2010 and related bills are amended versions of the bills we last saw in this House. On that occasion I did not support the bill and while I acknowledge the amendments as an improvement, if anything my opposition to the bill has increased since that time. M... ... more

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