PMB Home Care Packages

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (12:37): Last week I had the great pleasure of having the aged-care minister in my electorate. We visited Ceduna and Peterborough. I'll come back to that in a moment. Let me say that, having spent a bit of time closely with the minister, I don't t... ... more

PMB Regional Employment

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (11:20): This government has a very proud record and, in fact, a very exciting tale to tell on jobs at the moment, with 403,000 new jobs created in the economy last year, and 75 per cent of those being full time. That's a record job creation packa... ... more

90 Sec EP Oyster breeding hatchery

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (13:31): Last week I had a visit from the assistant minister for fisheries, Anne Ruston. We visited a number of businesses in my electorate. In particular, we went to Cowell, where we visited the brand-new Eyre Peninsula oyster breeding hatchery. ... ... more

Adjournment - South Australia

Tonight, I wanted to speak about the state that we find South Australia in, and not just on water issues. We are losing another seat at the federal level. We have a redistribution underway at the moment. In 1997, we had 13 seats in South Australia and, in 1998, we had a redistribution and went to 12... ... more

MPI Health funding

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (15:59): I sometimes think those opposite are living in a parallel universe. Yesterday I made some comments in this House that upset some people—that if a lie is repeated often enough people start to believe it. That's what is happening from that ... ... more

Constituency Statement Rural Doctors

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (10:12): I rise again to speak in this place on the supply of doctors in rural areas. I prepared a report about two years ago, and updated it 12 months ago, with some suggestions to address this shortfall. Twelve months ago there were 28 vacancies... ... more

PMB Education Funding

Mr RAMSEY: I do believe, though, that a mistruth is being repeated here which is simply not correct. Labor and the member opposite claim to have the high moral ground on education. On one hand they say David Gonski's the font of all knowledge on education, when in fact Mr Gonski ... ... more

Agricultural and Veterinary Chemicals Legislation Amendment (Operational Efficiency) Bill 2017

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (16:43): I will come to the amendment later on. I note that the last two-thirds of the member for Hunter's speech was about the amendment rather than the legislation before us. In the first place, I will address the legislation before us, and I ... ... more

Clontarf Foundation

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (13:53): On Tuesday I had the very great pleasure of catching up with Gerard Neesham. I met him many years ago with the great member for Canning Don Randall, who unfortunately has passed now. Gerard was a former teacher, a WAFL and AFL player, and... ... more

Cashless Debit Card

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (17:59): I'm very proud to stand in this chamber as the member representing the first community in Australia that had the gumption to attack one of the great social evils within its midst—in particular, excessive alcohol consumption. That commun... ... more

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