Address in Reply

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (19:24): I thank the Governor-General for his address setting out the plans this government has: stabilizing the budget, ensuring our nation is safe, growing our economy, developing new markets, embarking on the greatest ever investment in infrast... ... more

Steel INdustry

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (15:10): My question is to the Minister for Industry, Innovation and Science. The minister has been closely involved with the ongoing negotiations to ensure the future of the Arrium steelmaking plant in Whyalla. I thank him for his commitment. I know he is aware ... ... more

Appropriations Speech

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (10:51): I rise to speak on the Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2016-2017 and the related bills. Mr Deputy Speaker, the Grey electorate is a place I know you hold fondly in your heart, having grown up in the great small city of Port Augusta. To speak... ... more

Constituency Statement Strzlecki Track

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (10:21): I want to speak today about the Strzelecki Track, around 450 kilometres of outback track connecting Lyndhurst, at the northern tip of the Flinders Ranges, and near the extent of the bitumen road network leading to the Birdsville and Strzelecki Tracks, bo... ... more

Family Violence

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (17:03): There are thousands of families across Australia whose lives are at threat in their own homes at the hands of family members. There are children who witness violence on a daily basis. There are children who are subjected to violence. Let ... ... more

Question to Minister Frydenberg

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (14:50): My question is to the Minister for the Environment and Energy. Since the closure of the Alinta power station in Port Augusta, wholesale electricity prices have more than doubled in South Australia, not only putting significant strain on the householder but having a catastro... ... more


Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (17:15): I am very doubtful, Member for Richmond, that it will take a Labor government to sort out the NBN. It is well on its way. I am a bit of a student of history, particularly on this subject. It is worth remembering that then opposition leader Kevin Rudd wen... ... more

Adjournment Debate HeadSpace

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (21:14): I rise tonight to inform the House about progress in Whyalla to establish a headspace or headspace-like unit to assist the younger people in the community with issues with their mental health. Headspace was established in Australia under the Howard gover... ... more

Steel lndustry

Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (11:52): There are things that I would concur with the member for Wakefield on. Certainly, my faith in the steel industry in Whyalla is still strong and the need for the steel industry to survive for Whyalla, for South Australia, for Australia and for the people ... ... more


Mr RAMSEY (Grey) (13:47): I rise to speak to the people of Whyalla, to assure them that the government is very interested in their plight and that I believe the steel industry has a good future. The appointment of KordaMentha in the place of Grant Thornton as administrator is a good move from the ... ... more

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