Adjournment Taxation

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (19:45): I must report to the House how pleased I am and how pleased my businesses are with the recent tax cuts that the government has legislated through and that will be flowing through to small and medium businesses from 1 July. We are, of cour... ... more

Appropriation Speech

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (16:47): I am very pleased to be speaking on the Appropriation Bill (No. 1) 2017-18 and related bills and supporting the government's budget. Just as she leaves the chamber, I refer to some of the things that the member for Jagajaga raised, part... ... more

Fair Work Amendment

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (17:18): I rise to speak on the Fair Work Amendment (Corrupting Benefits) Bill 2017 and the amendment to the bill. Australia is recognised as being generally honest. It is an honest place to grow up in. It was certainly an honest world that I gr... ... more

90 Second Statement- Electricity

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (13:53): That was a very sombre speech to follow, and I thank the member for Solomon for those words. I can assure you that all in this House feel the same way. Unfortunately I am not speaking about a subject so harmonious today. I am speaking abo... ... more

Matters of Public Importance

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (15:46): I might just point out to the previous speaker, the member for Scullin, who speaks of this policy having no friends, that I can tell him how much negative contact I have had into my office since this policy was announced—none. Zero. I alw... ... more

Laura Folk Fair

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (13:34): This weekend will see the 37th staging of the Laura Folk Fair. Tucked away in the shade of majestic red gums on the banks of the Rocky River, the country town of Laura in the Southern Flinders Ranges is the boyhood home of celebrated Auss... ... more

Fair Work

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (10:58): This bill put forward by the Leader of the Opposition—the Fair Work Amendment (Protecting Take Home Pay) Bill 2017—is entirely disingenuous. He seems to not remember that he was responsible for setting up the Fair Work Commission, for s... ... more

Great Western Bridge 90sec

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (16:25): Port Augusta is the crossroads of Australia. All east-west and north-south traffic passes through Port Augusta over the single-lane Joy Baluch Bridge. The Baluch Bridge was opened in 1972, replacing the Great Western Bridge, which has sin... ... more

Regional Ministerial Taskforce

Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (13:53): I rise today to give support to the work of the Regional Ministerial Taskforce, announced by the Prime Minister to promote jobs and growth in our rural, regional and remote areas. Rural, regional and remote Australia is different to where... ... more


Mr RAMSEY (Grey—Government Whip) (10:11): Just a short report to the parliament on the success of the diabetes testing day conducted by Pathology Australia in conjunction with the Parliamentary Friends of Diabetes yesterday, right here in parliament. One hundred tests were carrie... ... more

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